What is NDS?

We are a new team, working to improve how your medical information is managed so that it is available to you, when you need it, safely and securely. We think you should be able to do things like book appointments, get test results, manage your medication and renew prescriptions.

To make this happen we will work very closely with people who work in health and care services and people like you who use those services. We will start small. How we work is important. We believe that in the same way as the doctors and nurses of the NHS have developed new treatments that cure disease and improve the quality of our lives, the NHS can develop its own technology.

In the next few months we will be establishing ourselves as an organisation and begin to work on one or two priority projects. We are recruiting. Watch this space.

Who we are

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Until now, healthcare systems in Scotland have been piecemeal and unconnected. For both citizens and staff, it is often frustrating to either access information or to share that information when it is most needed.

That’s why we have been asked to work across the whole of the health and care sector to build a new National Digital Platform. This will allow us to create new clinical systems which are easy to use for everyone, and which will help improve the care that people get.

At the moment, we are a small team, comprising staff with a range of backgrounds. We are based within the national health Board NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

Geoff Huggins


Geoff has been director of Health and Social Care Integration at the Scottish Government since 2014 and before that was Head of Mental Health.

Dr Alistair Hann

Chief Technology Officer

Alistair was previously CTO at Skyscanner from 2011-2017, as the company grew from 60 to 800 staff. He holds a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Oxford.

Liz Elliot

Chief Operating Officer

Liz was previously the COO for Health Data Research UK (https://www.hdruk.ac.uk ) and has held a number of senior management positions in both the public and private sectors.

Working with us

How we work is important. We firmly believe that we can take the best software engineering skills from private and public sectors. We want to build a fresh new team that can work inside the NHS to develop the right products in-house, efficiently and effectively..

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Contact us

For media inquiries, please contact us at: media@nes.scot.nhs.uk . For any other comments or queries, please use the form below: